Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Affirmation for Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Too often we don't believe we're worth love -- regardless where it comes from.  This is an affirmation to tell you that you are definitely worth it.  It's a very powerful affirmation.  When you love yourself, mistakes and all, then love shines through to others and makes it easier for them to be a part of your life.  Know that the divine love is there helping to shape you and figure out where you need to go next and if by a mistake you choose something different, it will get you back on track where you're meant to go -- even if you took that detour ;)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Affirmation for Monday, January 26, 2015

 I thought I would change things up just a bit.  Instead of drawing cards, I'm going to be posting affirmations for this week.  Today's is.. I AM BEAUTIFUL - IN MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT.

Too often we judge people on the outside based upon society's idea of beauty.  When we should develop our own.  I mean, even if someone was overweight, but they had such a beautiful spirit that drew us to them, why not see that beauty?  Looking at kids and how their mind looks and processes things, that's a beautiful thing as well. 

So it's up to us, to keep saying this affirmation and start believing in ourselves again.  We need to stop letting people tear us down and be beautiful in our own way.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Card for Saturday, January 24, 2015

There is a world of difference between loneliness and aloneness.

Loneliness can encompass feelings of discontent and sadness, marked by a sense of isolation, estrangement, deficiency and excessive loneliness. When one is lonely, one feels that something or someone is missing. When you are lonely you may be missing -- a friend, a partner, a pet, your mother, your beloved, meaning or purpose, joy, playfulness….etc.

If you find yourself alone unexpectedly, know that you may have chosen this at an unconscious level; you may actually need to be alone for an important reason, and it has happened for your higher good. Even though loneliness can feel intolerable, don’t give in to the quick, desperate act of filling the space with the first person that comes along. Hold on a little bit longer, and wait for divine timing. Use this time alone as a test of character and faith - for there could be no higher stake. Acting in haste may ease your loneliness temporarily, but in exchange, you may cause others pain when you realize the relationship is unsuitable.

It is also possible to still feel lonely even if you are in the company of a partner or friends. This is may be the most painful form of loneliness. This type of loneliness happens because you are either desperate or you are playing a role based on other people’s expectations and needs. You experience loneliness and separation because you are ignoring (or you’re disconnected) from your desires, feelings, needs and purpose. You are disconnected from your authentic self -- and when this happens, you cannot truly connect with others.

Another reason you may be experiencing loneliness is because you have separated yourself from others by judging, labelling, rejecting or criticizing them. Instead of seeing them as a person with value, they’ve become an object, a problem, a stranger or an opponent. You push others away when you do these things, and you may end up feeling bitter and lonely.

Loneliness is not just separation from others, but from the absence of self-love, trust, faith, peace, joy, hope, and the divine. You can feel utterly lonely inside when these most vital things are absent.

Aloneness is different. Loneliness is absence, and Aloneness is presence.

It is not the presence of others, but the overflowing presence of trust, faith, peace, joy, hope and self-love within you. And once these things are developed, they can never be taken from you.

Aloneness, or solitude, is the state of being alone without the negative feeling of being lonely or isolated. It is a healthy part of living and being. Spending time alone in the company of yourself will benefit you in many ways. It creates the space to explore what you really want, need, or how you feel about things. It lets you reflect on who you are, what you are doing, and where you are going in your life. You can use time alone to work on a project, start a new hobby, read a book, write a song, take a road trip, or go to museums and art galleries. Spending time alone helps you develop your individuality, which means you will have more of yourself to share with others!

Aloneness restores body and mind. Loneliness depletes them.

We all need solitude, although the amount of time we need differs depending on the person or our circumstances. Being alone makes some people nervous so they pack their days as full as possible with various people and activities. This way they avoid the reality of their lives and their feelings. If you have had a tendency to avoid spending time alone, perhaps solitude is just what you need.

If you have drawn this card because you are experiencing loneliness, be aware of how you are choosing to view it, and take responsibility for choosing to be alone (be it a conscious or unconscious choice). You can either feel lonely and sad, or feel courageous and confident in knowing that times of aloneness can build inner strength and character, and gives you a break to rejuvenate your soul. Each of us can develop the ability to be alone for the times when we need to walk a path without help from others. You have the courage to face your aloneness. This is a time to shine within to light your own path! Transform your loneliness by spending this time alone to develop all of what aloneness encompasses.

I know this very well. I went from having no one to everyone back.  I just wished I didn't have to clean during my alone time.  But I still made the most of that alone time and enjoyed it.  You can be around people and still feel alone, like you don't fit in with them.  That could be that you're either not allowing people in to your light or that you're ready to move on to new people and places.  Don't worry about spending time by yourself in either of these situations.  You have to be comfortable with your own company before you can have others be in the same in yours :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Card for Friday, January 23, 2015

There are four aspects of judgement to consider.

1. Judgements are opinions. They are a necessary part of describing and understanding our world, and a part of making decisions.

Judgements are the adjectives of our language - they describe a person, a place, or thing. Our judgements are based on our values, beliefs and needs. For example: we judge others on how they live their lives and what they value, so we can determine if they would be an asset or a detriment to us. We also judge situations, careers, having children or not, vacation options...etc, for the same reason.

Sometimes judgements, whether they are positive or negative, is a reflection of how we view ourselves.

An obvious reflection of a negative judgement would be if someone said, “She is so critical of others.”…This judgement, of course, is a critical remark, so recognizing someone’s critical nature is reflected back to us to show us our own critical nature. What a wonderful growing opportunity it is when we use both positive and negative judgements of others, as a mirror to see ourselves.

Sometimes we judge others to separate ourselves from them.

When we say, for instance, “We are Environmentalists, they are Polluters”, it separates us into groups. Seeing people’s negative traits can inspire positive action and change, but it can also lead us away from seeing their positive attributes, which leads us towards a world of superiority - a world of ‘good guys vs. bad guys’…a world of conflict and war. And whether our negative judgements are applied to others or ourselves, they often keep us from seeing and experiencing the beauty, love and gifts that lie within all of us!

We judge others negatively as a way of avoiding our feelings, our needs, and any actions that we are required to take.

Instead of feeling and acknowledging what we need, we disconnect from ourselves and go into our head by analyzing, blaming and judging. This prevents us from feeling, understanding our needs, and taking responsibility to get our needs met. Avoidance can limit the information we need to make positive changes. For example; complaining that your job is ‘boring’, cuts you off from understanding that you may need more stimulation. It may feel safer to complain than to take action (as it cuts you off from your feelings of fear - like the possibility of having to find a new job).

A sure way to steer clear of unneeded judgements is to use compassionate communication with ourselves and others. Define what the situation is, know what is felt by the other person and what you feel, understand each person’s needs, and take positive action to meet those needs.
The card Judgement has come up to provide you with the awesome opportunity to learn and grow! Take some time and ask yourself if your current situation falls in one or more of the four categories.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Card for Thursday, January 22, 2015

There are rhythms and cycles in nature, and since we are a part of nature, they are a part of our body and soul as well. Just like - the tides ebb and flood, the moon's waxing and waning, the cycles of seasons and of birth and death, - we also experience continual cycles and rhythms throughout our day and in our life time.

Just in a single day we can experience the birth and death of all sorts of things - like the birth and death of inspiration, hope, love, frustration, patience, hunger, sleep…etc. Take time to recognize how different cycles and rhythms move through your life and in your relationships.

In life, one job ends, another begins - one relationship dies, another is born. There are all sorts of beginnings and endings with things, situations, and feelings. Cycles include activity and rest, peace and conflict, passion and indifference, excitement and calm, laughter and tears, high energy and low energy. Be aware of how each cycle moves through you, and learn to accept and honor wherever you are, at any given moment.

In relationships, all partners experience cycles like a time for resolving issues and a time for ease and enjoyment. There are times of wanting to be close and times of needing space. The cycle of closeness and distance is natural for everyone to experience. The couples that mature in love will commit to withstanding the continual cycles of death and rebirth. The death and rebirth of love, desire, support, time alone and together…etc.

A note on Death and Re-birth

There can be difficult times in your life where the wish to die (whether it is a conscious or unconscious wish) is a part of your life experience. A death wish is a reaction to disappointment or a fight against life. If you have an unconscious wish to die, it may show itself through accidents, physical pain, illness, disease, or… you may be feeling things like lethargy, depression or meaninglessness. If you have a conscious wish to die, you will actually contemplate ending your life. You may feel that the only thing that would truly end your suffering and struggle is death. When you have a death wish, be willing to experience a new cycle of birth in your life. You can choose to begin again, (springtime follows every winter). Forgive, let go, and choose a re-birth. Ask for help from others, from your higher self, or the divine. You can also move forward in life by focusing your energy on helping someone else.

A note on Patience Most growth and change requires time and patience. Patience is the ability to persevere and wait during the completion of cycles in our lives and in our relationships. Nature moves at its own rhythm. In nature, each living thing requires a period of time to germinate, sprout, blossom, mature, ripen and whither - from the seed to the fruit of manifestation. Whether it's personal or professional growth, patience is necessary. Seeds will not become seedlings if you are busy digging in the dirt to see if they are taking root. Growth is not supported by urgency. Everything that exists waits for the right moment - the right time for a tree to bare fruit, to the right time for an infant to be born. Relax and allow time for change and growth, and also realize that not every seed is meant to sprout - no matter how well it was tended.

By drawing this card, you are being asked to accept your cyclical nature, and to honor whatever phase you may be experiencing. The new moon is as important as the full moon. When the new moon does not appear in the sky, it doesn't mean something is wrong. There is the full light of the moon with increased energy and activity, and the dark sky with the quiet move inward. Relax and open your heart to whatever cycle you are in, rather than wishing it were different. In this way you can ease your fears and struggles. If you use changes for awareness and growth, you will continue to move through life with greater ease, appreciation and joy!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Card for Tuesday, January 20, 2015

“Eight of Gabriel” - Suddenly, things are moving at a very fast pace! All delays are over, and now the sky’s the limit! It may be a little overwhelming, but it also feels good to see your plans moving forward.

Movement is a good thing.  Especially if you were feeling stuck.  I know I was helping a friend last night and I'm sure she feels good that things are moving for her now.  This past weekend for me was a rest and relaxation. But now I'm back to work and getting this card is a positive sign for me.  I've got a few projects I feel like have been on hold for some time and now it looks like things are going to move forward and fast! 

I like fast... makes the day go quicker ;)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Card for Sunday, January 18, 2015

Page of Earth” - SITUATIONS: Good news about financial matters is coming soon! Your plans move successfully forward at a steady pace. You may adopt a new interest or passion. PEOPLE: A youth who’s a student or who enjoys studying. Someone who can be optimistic, but still realistic about what can be accomplished.

All good news!  The rest you took into doing, has paid off.  Now you can do things that interest you, anything you had planted is now taking fruit.  Perhaps you will meet someone that will help you along in your endeavors!

It's definitely a starting point toward positive.