Thursday, December 18, 2014

Card for Thursday, December 18, 2014

I apologize for not doing a card since Monday.  It's been crazy hectic at work and and home!  Not sure it's going to any better any time soon, but know that I will post when I can.

Appreciation and gratitude are important components to spiritual development. There is beauty in those who find the value in everyone and everything, and it is also important to see our own efforts, and to acknowledge our own contributions and progress.

Love blossoms with appreciation, and intimacy grows deeper when we know we are seen and valued. Our hearts never tire of receiving appreciation. Appreciation has the ability to turn sour situations around, to uplift us, to empower us, and to inspire us into positive action.

Appreciation can be expressed in many different ways - a hug, a special gift, verbal acknowledgement, saying thank you…etc. Appreciation is greatly enhanced when we give others specific reasons for our gratitude. It is nice to hear, “thank you for being my friend”, but hearing the specific reason like, “I really felt cared about when you took the time today to listen to my problem”, can add richness to the other person’s life, and give them an understanding of what their unique contributions are. Open your eyes to see one another in a fresh light, and notice the abundance and contributions around you.

The card Appreciation reminds you of the importance of making statements of appreciation and to share your appreciation in some visible way. Each small act or words of gratitude, re-ignites the warmth in our hearts and in the hearts of others. People who show appreciation enhance their relationships and create a world that is continually rewarding!

I love this card.  Appreciation truly changes the energy around you.  You could start off the day badly.. but you can turn it around by breathing and then start being grateful.  So you stub your big toe, so you after you get done saying "ouch" stop and think at least it's not broken.  I can move on with my day knowing that the bad just came out and I'm appreciative of the good to come.

I pulled another card as well and the message was Drink Water.  Eat foods that contain water like veggies and fruits.  This is an important message - especially right now.  It's the season of all the "goodies".  I believe still having them, but in moderation.  (that way you can have all year ;)  ) 

So be appreciative that we have food to eat and drink water to help keep your body flushed and help with your energy -- it appears we're going to need it :D

Monday, December 15, 2014

Card for Monday, December 15, 2014

Your Card - “You Are Healed” - Calendula/Pot Marigold: The healing you’ve prayed for is on its way.

Happy flowers :)  I love this card.  I'm sure there's something your life that has been troubling you.  Know that help is on it's way.  What you have to remember though is that it may not be exactly what you had planned or "wanted".  Often the help that comes to us may not seem like help until after you have some space from it.  This is because we often try and control everything in our lives.  What we think is the answer may not be the best answer for us.  Have faith that what is coming is the best answer and help for you.

Just a note here, I will put up cards when I can, but with the holidays coming, it's getting harder to do so as I'm getting orders of my "psychic art" put together for Christmas gifts.  Plus I work full time and have a house to attend to.  So if you check and there's not one.  It's just probably because I haven't had time to do it.

If you want to check out my psychic art/energy pictures that seem to be a good deal right now go here:

Have a blessed day!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Card for Thursday, December 11, 2014

Even thought I drew cards for the rest of the week, they told me to draw one for today as well because it goes with the other cards.

Accountability is responsibility.

This card suggests that it is time to stop blaming or judging others, and take responsibility for your life.

Be accountable for your choices, your attitude, your perspective, your intentions, your feelings, your actions and your experiences.

Blame and judgement can disconnect you from your feelings, from the situation, and from others. It may also keep you from seeing the truth of the matter and from taking the next step forward.

Every experience that you perceive as negative can be used to make positive changes.

Being accountable will restore your connection to the truth, to others, and to yourself. Begin to feel the freedom and empowerment that comes from the knowledge that you create your own experiences. You are responsible for your life. Accountability will connect you with your true power so you can design and create a life that is successful and happy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The cards for the rest of the week

I felt there was already a lot of text in that one post, so I decided to create a second one to talk about the cards that were pulled.

I'll be the first to admit, I don't always get time to do the cards like I wish I could.  Between kids, long commute and full-time job and then going home and doing the home things gets to be very busy.

But driving in this morning I was prompted to draw not just 1 card but 3.  And even though I put it for the rest of this week, I have a feeling these cards are going to be pieces throughout the rest of this month into the new year.

This time of year it's very easy to feel shattered, whether you're with people or not.  In fact this time period is one of the highest for suicides.  And I understand that point.  I've been there myself.  Where you just get into this deep depression where you feel nothing.  It's not sad, it's just nothing.  But it doesn't have to be that way.

I love the 2nd card - Magical Intervention.  First off, who doesn't love true magic (miracles).  Haven't you ever been in a position where you thought you were at your ends rope and then something comes through?  Well this card is all about you've been asking and asking and things are going to open up -- probably in ways you don't even imagine.  Too often we're held back by our lack of imagining.  We think it has to come a certain way, but when we release that hold, the flow comes back and you'll still get a similar result (usually better) because you let go of the 'how"

The 3rd card is great as well - Freedom.  The ability to be happy in the choices you make and know you have the freedom to do so.  Allowing others to have the freedom.  Maybe your freedom is letting go of those individuals that no longer have the same life path as you.  Maybe it something completely physical like bills that now have been taken care of.  Regardless know that you have been working toward this for a long time.  Enjoy it.

Cards for Wed-Sun, December 10-14, 2014

Feeling shattered is not grief or sadness from loss. It is a feeling of devastation or angst from misperceiving the true reality of a situation, and from not envisioning the abundance that is available to you.

Have you lost (or are you about to lose) something or someone, and your heart feels irreparably broken? Or do you feel angst because something or someone that is lost seems irreplaceable, and you think that life will never be good again?

The situation you are in - that is overwhelming you with pain - has probably triggered either a great loss from the past or an intense fear about something in the future - or both. This means that the situation you are in only plays a part of the devastation you are feeling. In reality, it is only your perception of the situation that is causing the pain or it’s because you are thinking about the past or future – not the present moment. It is likely that the thing or person you lost (or may lose) probably isn’t as important as you believe, or it is not as fulfilling as it once was - as we don’t lose what we are truly are meant to keep.

The pain may also be caused because you refuse to accept the ending or the loss of this special part of your life. You may even act desperate to try and get it back - believing this will end your pain. Or you may buckle under the weight of the pain and lay helpless on the ground. Refusing to accept ‘what is’, prevents you from dealing with change and the benefit the change is providing. And buckling keeps you from moving forward towards your true joy and purpose in life. Take all the time your heart needs to accept this loss, and release your feelings about the past or the future. This is better than avoiding it, denying it or trying to tough it out.

Now that you have accepted and released your feelings, begin to understand the benefits of feeling shattered. Start by shattering your fixed perception of your situation. Let go of limiting thoughts. Awaken to your soul’s deep needs, and bring awareness to the abundance of possibilities, and to what you truly desire. The ache for the person or thing you have lost is telling you how important this aspect of life is to you. Having this person or thing in your life may or may not be needed, but know those wonderful feelings that it created will definitely come again because this situation has woken a need in your heart that is supposed to get filled. Maybe not in the same manner, but filled in some other way or by someone else. Without doubt, your next experience will be fuller, richer and better than you can imagine!

A Mystical Intervention is coming into your life to help you move forward with grace and ease.

There is an innate mechanism within you which has the desire for every living thing to evolve into the best it can be. When it is time to expand or make a shift in awareness, this mechanism triggers an ‘Intervention’ in order for you to live the best life possible. An intervention can be a feeling, a thought, an idea, an experience, or moments of synchronicity or unusual coincidences. An intervention awakens your innate desire for you to reach your full potential. Your ‘Mystic’ is the divine energy in your soul and in the cosmos that connects everything. The Mystic and an Intervention work together to ignite the desire for change and to create opportunities that enable you to evolve. The old biblical saying, ‘God helps those who help themselves’, is similar to, ‘you (your inner mechanisms that create an intervention) and the mystic working together’.

When your inner mechanisms for growth are not currently ‘updated with new parts’, (i.e.; therapy, personal growth workshops, play, meditation, living your purpose, new understandings and perspectives etc…), your means of ‘intervention’ will typically be a force in your life that is difficult, harsh or damaging. Relationship break ups are devastating, work is hard, accidents and illnesses occur – these difficult things happen in order for your need to wake up so you can reach your full potential. All these difficulties are really only your ‘outdated’ mechanics ‘intervening’ to make you change your life for the better.

Aren’t you tired of all the struggles and pain? Begin by updating your inner mechanisms and welcome the divine mystic energy. Welcome a gentle loving mystical intervention, and let it show you the way. Start by listening to your feelings and your soul’s longings, and being alert to the synchronicities that point you in the right direction. This will help lead you to deeper insights, truth, true happiness, success, peace, love and miracles. When you realize you are connected with the Mystic, and you take action to update your mechanisms for growth, you will move forward at an accelerated pace. This energy can accomplish things overnight that would have taken months or years. As you start tapping into the mystic as a way of life, things will begin to move forward with ease and elegance. You will no longer have the stress of trying to figure out how to make your dreams come true because you are connected with the Mystic that communes with all that exists. This divine energy will allow you to rest, and make your path easy and smooth. The Mystic is lining things up so that you are magically inspired on what step to take next in your life. These steps will lead you towards the dreams of your heart and soul!

The card Freedom speaks of release.

It is a time of unrestricted dreams and opportunities.

You are filled with ease and joy, and you have the freedom to create a life designed by your hearts longings!

You see freedom as the truth that all of life is a blessing or an opportunity for transformation.

You no longer feel trapped, stressed, worried, miserable or burdened. You are free! You accept yourself, your situation and everyone involved.

You feel your emotions fully, and you open up to explore new ideas, different choices, perspectives, attitudes and new ways of thinking.

You allow yourself to experience freedom, and give others their freedom. You do not disconnect from others with defiant independence, but instead you create the joy of freedom in your soul that attracts other ‘light-filled’ mates to you.

Your freedom is based on truth - truth that separates illusion from reality. The truth can be uncomfortable because it cuts through denial, but it will save you from further disillusionment and pain in the future. At the highest level - anything that is not joyful is not the truth. Truth frees you from the dark and brings in light and true fulfillment.

The card Freedom says that your difficulties are all falling away so you can experience happiness, clarity and growth. Feel the freedom of living your life the way you really want to and to share it with the people you truly feel joyful to be with!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Card for Tuesday, December 9, 2014

We all need to nurture and be nurtured - whether or not we give ourselves permission. The card Nurture refers to nurturing the emotional, physical, social and spiritual self.


We are social creatures, so it is important to build and nurture our relationships. Take the time to go for lunch with a friend, to go on a date with your beloved, or a weekend away with the girls/guys.


Nurture your spiritual-self as well. Journal, meditate, take time alone in nature, or go to a retreat to journey into your spiritual-self.


Touch is an important aspect of nurturing – in both giving and receiving. It is a way of communicating affection, passion, care, support and love. We all like to be touched in varying ways and amounts. Therefore when touching another, it is best to be mindful of how, when and where the other person likes to be touched. Be sensitive to the other person’s level of comfort. And for others to truly feel nurtured, give without expectations of reciprocation.

Eating healthy, movement, hygiene, sleep and relaxation are other aspects of nurturing your body. You may have pulled this card to remind yourself to nurture these aspects of your physical being. Heal any physical wounds that you may have been ignoring.
Also you may have forgotten to give your mind the necessary nourishment of intellectual exercise. Remember to find ways to stimulate your brain. Take a class, read a challenging book, write an article for your local paper..etc.


Nurturing your emotional body includes honoring your childlike joy and wonder, along with accepting and your hurt, fears and frustrations. Sit quietly and connect with how you truly feel inside, giving yourself full compassion and support. Feel the all parts of yourself that still need love, understanding and a sense of joy and happiness. Share your feelings with a trusted friend or partner without blame or judgement. Blaming someone for negative feelings and trying to get them to fix it only distracts you from recognizing the opportunity to expand peace, love, learning and happiness. Having someone listen can be truly nurturing. Emotional health comes when someone close to you witnesses your tears of joy and your challenges, and listens with genuine interest and compassion - without judgement or advice. You can only cultivate nurturing in your relationships when you are fully capable of feeling and accepting your feelings. If you are not comfortable with exuberant joy or fear, it is very hard to accept these emotions in others.

It is time to nurture. When you nurture your whole self and others, you will improve your health, happiness, and your relationships!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Card for Monday, December 8, 2014

Relationships are at the center of our lives - and connecting with others in harmony removes feelings of separation, loneliness and opposition.

Harmony isn’t about two people who feel, think and see things the same. Like a song, a harmony is a contrasting note with the melody, and together they complement one another. And just as a song’s richness can be greatly enhanced by adding a harmony, our relationships can be enriched as well by joining others in harmony. When we join with others in harmony we share the load and we blend our abilities to create something that none of us could achieve alone.

Harmony in relationships is created, in part, by resolving issues and conflicts. Because we all differ in values, beliefs, needs and desires - conflict (contrast) will naturally arise. A lack of contrast does not mean there is harmony. Unexpressed and unresolved issues can deaden a relationship or even dismantle it. Withdrawing, avoiding contrast and letting issues slide, will not create harmony. We may hold back our thoughts, shut down, or pretend that everything’s fine, because we are afraid of hurt, change or disappointments. When we withhold contrasting energy, we seem to deaden our relationships, and the all colors of our world blend together in exchange for a muddy one. Revealing our inner-self is a vital part of authentic relating.

The opposite of withholding, are the people who want to ‘win the war’. For them there is no holding back. They carry grudges, thoughts of revenge, and a deep desire to be right. They attempt to get the other person to see things their way or to do what they want. They fail to realize that both perspectives and desires need to be integrated for a win/win solution.

Perhaps you have drawn the Harmonious Connection card because you need to look at how you connect with yourself. You can just as easily create feelings of deadness by ignoring certain feelings or desires that you have. can have an inner war as you struggle with opposing needs and desires where you let only one of them win.

Are there any feelings of deadness or tension in yourself or your relationships? The card Harmonious Connections asks you to join in harmony with yourself or another. Take the time to express what has been withheld. Use contrasts to grow and bring color and life back. Open your mind and integrate both sides of a conflict so both sides and both partners win. Resolving issues brings peace, which generates joy, love, inspiration and abundance!