Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Closing this Blog and moving to another..

I've decided to close this blog down and concentrate on the one associated to my website  https://www.healingsbyharmonize.com/thoughts  I would love if people would like to hear my messages still, they'll just be over there.  Follow me on Twitter @harmonize13 as I post new topics over there, I'll be tweeting them.  Or you can follow on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Harmonize13   The posts will show up there as well.

Blessings to all and I hope to see you over on the website.  If not, be well and prosper :)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Cards for Valentine's Day Weekend 2-13-15 through 2-15-15

I thought since Valentine's Day was kind of a flower day, I'd pull all the cards from the Flower Therapy Oracle Deck :)

Friday --

 “Family Harmony” - Chrysanthemum: Your loved ones form a strong pillar of support. Embrace their love and put past issues behind you.

Going into the Valentine's Day weekend, take the time to find and appreciate all in your life.  Not just romantic connections, but family ones as well.   Friday night pizza and movies anyone?

Saturday ---

“Simplify Your Life” - Daisy: You’ve had so much going on that you’re spread too thin. This has to change now so your vitality can recharge.

Sounds like a good card to have for the weekend.  For some of us it's a longer weekend than most due to the Federal Holiday on Monday.  So after a long week, be kind to yourself and "relax" a bit.  Time to recharge our energies.  Who says Valentine's Day has to be just for romantic partners?  How about yourself?  I know I've been burning the candle at both ends, and I will be taking time for me this weekend.

Sunday ---

“Be Positive” - Bromeliad: Your thoughts can shape your experience, so be sure to focus on the positive.

Forgive, Rest and now be positive :)  Sounds like a lovely Valentine's Day Weekend.  It's also easier to focus on the positive when you've gotten some sleep and have forgiven others.  As well as spending time with those that mean a great deal to us. (Pets included!).

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Card for Thursday, February 12, 2015

“You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind”

-Author unknown


Are you stuck and have feelings of dullness caused by in-completion? Now is the time to take the physical steps to turn your vision into reality!

Or…..Perhaps fear is preventing you from moving forward. Are you saying to yourself, “Maybe my life/relationship isn’t very fulfilling but it’s okay and at least it’s familiar - and since I don't know what's going to happen if I take action, I’ll just stay where I am.”

Yet fear is necessary at times. Fear can be an internal feeling that tells us when something isn’t right - which keeps us from realharm. Ask yourself, “Is my fear trying to protect me from actual harm, or is fear keeping me from growing? Is this situation creating a space for love, abundance and happiness….or just familiarity?”

Perhaps you’re not moving forward because you are waiting for certainty of success first.

Waiting can be an excuse to avoid taking action. Another reason for not taking action is because you may need more clarity before you begin.

To bring more clarity you can:

Research and get the facts.Talk to others who have done it, or read a book on it.

Ask yourself: “How will this affect my…. Life style? Reputation? Money? Time? Energy? Values? Taking action requires you to give up something… even if it’s just your unwanted fears.

Next, prepare a plan for action. Some prefer to just live by faith. At times this is appropriate. But faith can also be a state of dependence and a relinquishment of responsibility, empowerment and maturity. Live by inspiration. Only plan and take action when you feel joyfully inspired to do so.

Then, announce your plan to others.Announcements are statements of confidence and belief in yourself – they're saying, "I believe this ‘…..’ is right for my life”…. (if it eventually brings wholeness and happiness to everyone involved). Refrain from hype and empty promises – just let the end result be your glory. When others see the value or change for themselves - trust is built.

Announcing your plan also builds your momentum in starting out. It makes you accountable to others, and others can personally share in your journey - possibly providing support or a helping hand!

Then, after you have freed yourself from the uncertainties or ‘what ifs’, and you feel realistically prepared, it is time to move into action! Experience the relief, expansiveness, satisfaction and vitality in your soul, once you do!

Take life’s risks to insure you are living life to the fullest!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Affirmation Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I don't know about you.  But lately I have just felt so heavy.  I'm pretty sure it has to do with a lack of sleep on my part, but still, I'm sure many up in the North East of the US are feeling the winter blues as well.

So I decided I was going to do another affirmation today.  It's something that I came up with because I truly believe in it.

To often, myself included, we just go go go go.  For some of us that are parents, we have to work to pay the bills, we have to make sure the kids are clothed, cleaned and fed.  Not to mention this lovely thing they call homework.  Then if you have any time by the end of the day, it's picking up the house and trying to keep it neat before you get to bed.  For me, that's when I do my "other" job -- tho it's not really a job, it's a calling.  I take time to make energy/soul portraits/pictures.    I love tapping into a person's energy and make something from it.  Something that is representative of who they are at that moment in time.  Not only do I make the picture, I then give them intuitive impressions and images that come up while making the pictures. 

I'm lucky that I've met a bunch of wonderful people through doing this.  I'm really blessed to have them in my life now.  At first when I started this process, I thought oh, what if I'm totally off on how someone sees their life?  But in doing these I've learned to trust what I'm being shown, because it's for the goodness of the person.  There's usually a message they're meant to hear.

So that's something that really makes me happy.  My only downside is that my husband doesn't believe in my gift and is often critical of what I do.  So that negativity can drag me down from time to time.  Tie it into lack of sleep.. well .. It's time to find my sparkle again.  For me that's moving to music.  So guess what I'm doing in between work?  Dancing.. what's your sparkle?

Monday, February 9, 2015

Card for Monday, February 9, 2015

“Protection” - “You, your loved ones, and your possessions are safe and protected by Heaven!”

If you have been asking for protection, know that your prayers have been answered.  There are different kinds of protection as well.  I don't know about everyone else, but there was a good energy surge a few weeks ago.  It really takes a lot out of me and I feel all topsy-turvy.  But eventually I get to the point where I feel ok again.  I've absorbed that new energy.   It's especially important that I shield and protect myself when I'm not fully functional during these surges.  I know Mercury is in Retrograde and I think is soon to be out, so there will be another energy shift.  So I think maybe this card is just letting us know we are protected if we ask for it and also a reminder that another shift is coming.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Card for Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Today's card is all about UNIVERSAL LOVE.  Time to take the loving voice from yesterday and now put it toward the universe.  Know that God/Source loves you and that you're protected.  it may not feel that way, but it is the truth.  We only see a portion of what goes on in this dimension.

I know how hard it is to give love to people you don't think deserve it.  You can still love them as a human being even though you may not like what they do.  I tell that to my kids all the time.  I don't like their actions, but I still love them and always will. 

Did you ever think that sometimes people act out a certain way because they don't feel that there's love in the world?  Some people need to hear it, some people need to read it, and some people need to see the action to it.

You ever see those commercials where someone helps someone, so they then do something nice for the next person and so forth?  I love those commercials.  I look at them and wonder why life can't be that simple.  But it isn't, so it's up to us to make sure we put some love out in the world -- don't you think it's worth it?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Card for February 3, 2015

I'm pulling from my own that I'm going to be getting published (hopefully) soon.  I can not believe it's February already.. ahhh is all I have to say.  Countdown to my birthday in March.  Hard to believe I will be 46.  Hopefully a  good year this year.

This card/healing mandala is called LOVING VOICE.  To often I think we let things get to us and hurtful words come out at the other parties.  Including ourselves.  This card was pulled to remind you to be more loving in your words to all people.  The old adage says, if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing.  I'd like to revisit that.  How about if you don't have anything nice to say, find something.

For people that say words aren't hurtful, they are.  How many people have killed themselves based off what people have said to them (aka bullies).  I myself was in a mentally abusive relationship along with a bad job.  When you have people that are supposed to have your back saying bad things to do you.. even if that person didn't "mean it that way" - doesn't matter.  The damage is there and hurts and if it continues, keeps making it worse.

So try not to say things in anger.  Try to remove  yourself if you are angry.  If you end up saying things, you have to apologize right away.  It won't completely take away what you said, but might minimize.

But if you can, be thoughtful in your words every day to everyone.  Small things can make a difference to a person who may be down.  So find your loving voice and use it.