Friday, September 19, 2014

Card for Friday, September 19, 2014

Your Card - “Let Your Inner Beauty Shine” - Pink Rose: You are a brilliant example of God’s love. Everything about you is perfect, so let your light shine and inspire others.

Remember when you were a kid and nothing got you down too much (other than your parents telling you no LOL)

Well this card is trying to get you back to that time in your life where you were a truly unique and wonderful you.

Too often we put on "masks" to fit what "society"  wants us to be.  Not who we truly are.  But why?  I know trying to "fit" in with others usually ends up making me miserable.  I'm trying desperately now to be more myself.  I figure even if no one "likes" me, I will.  Better yet I'll be happy.  In my 45 years of experience, I would rather be happy and alone than with someone and unhappy.

Because raising your vibration to being happy and being true to who you are will attract like minded individuals to you.

So even if you have to start with small steps, try to be who God intended you to be.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Card for Thursday, September 18, 2014

Your Card - “Six of Michael” - You’re on your way to happier times! The situation that had you feeling stressed and worried is now behind you. A new day is dawning, with sunny skies on the horizon. Embrace the changes and leave the past behind.

Notice how Michael is control of where the boat is going and it's out of the stormy sea and into the blue sky and calm waters.  It truly would feel like light at the end of the tunnel after dealing with that.

I take it by getting this card we have been working on the gratitudes and being happy with what we have and that helps the energy see that.  Like attracts like.  Keep it up.  Know that things are going to look up now, regardless of how you felt or still may feel deeply insides.  Know that God is taking care of things for you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Card for Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Your Card - “Uplift Your Thoughts” - Orange Lily: Focus your attention on the many blessings that surround you. By doing so, you’ll let go of depression, poor self-esteem, and excess weight.

Love the flower cards, they make me so happy.  It's all about blessings today.  What we have that we are grateful for... what things make us smile.. how we can turn that around to help someone else today.

Last night I went out to dinner with my family.  I was grateful that we were able to do so and spend time together.  I then took 2 of the 3 with me to get some "fall/winter" tops.  You would have thought that they had a ton of sugar for dinner.  Running around .. hiding in the clothes.. screaming.. <sigh>  Even though they were trying my last nerve, I was grateful that they could run around and play.  I was also grateful that I found tops for them and a new lamp for the bedroom.

Today, I'm grateful for a good commute, for a beautiful sunrise and the fact that I'm not in pain like I was last night.  It probably also helped that my music was playing all happy dancing beats :D

This card is also about intent.  Focusing your intent to be more joyful rather than down in the dumps all the time.  I know how hard it can be at times.  Sometimes it feels easier to just be down or mad at something.  But, that energy attracts that same kind.  So, try and do the gratitudes to keep the positive energy around.

Focus on what's good.  Even if you're not feeling well, just say I'm alright.  Make it so (as Jean-Luc Picard would say) :D (yes I'm a bit of a nerd)

Enjoy the day.. what ever it may bring.  Remember, you only get this life to live.. so make it a good one ;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Card for Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Your Card - “Knight of Ariel” - Situations: There is so much to be accomplished! Make a plan that is methodical and see to every detail. Slow and steady wins the race. People: A person of great kindness and understanding. Someone with your very best interests at heart.

Interesting card we have today.  It seems to be there are many things going on and things we need to get accomplished.  I know that is definitely me.  Work is extremely busy and of course the house is a never ending area that needs to be worked on.  Then on top I have all of my spiritual stuff  and book to finish.  Someday I'll get the time to do everything I need to do. :)

So what is it you need to finish or that you're working on?  This card also represents someone that is keeping an eye out for you.  You may not notice them doing so, but these are very kind people who are only looking out for you and your best interest.  I like to call them the family you weren't born with, but chose.  So don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.  They will definitely help you.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Card for Monday, September 15, 2014

Appreciation and gratitude are important components to spiritual development. There is beauty in those who find the value in everyone and everything, and it is also important to see our own efforts, and to acknowledge our own contributions and progress.

Love blossoms with appreciation, and intimacy grows deeper when we know we are seen and valued. Our hearts never tire of receiving appreciation. Appreciation has the ability to turn sour situations around, to uplift us, to empower us, and to inspire us into positive action.

Appreciation can be expressed in many different ways - a hug, a special gift, verbal acknowledgement, saying thank you…etc. Appreciation is greatly enhanced when we give others specific reasons for our gratitude. It is nice to hear, “thank you for being my friend”, but hearing the specific reason like, “I really felt cared about when you took the time today to listen to my problem”, can add richness to the other person’s life, and give them an understanding of what their unique contributions are. Open your eyes to see one another in a fresh light, and notice the abundance and contributions around you.

The card Appreciation reminds you of the importance of making statements of appreciation and to share your appreciation in some visible way. Each small act or words of gratitude, re-ignites the warmth in our hearts and in the hearts of others. People who show appreciation enhance their relationships and create a world that is continually rewarding!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Card for the weekend September 13-14, 2014

This card awakens you to the expansive energy shift you are about to experience - or the one you already are in. You are entering through the doorway to a world of great joy, wonder, love and fulfillment! You may have tried to walk through this doorway before but turned around; fearing the unknown or fearing the abundance that is waiting for you. Know that this time you are worthy of these blessings. This time you are open to receive a life of immense bounty and success.

Sometimes we fear the unknown, believing it may be worse than what is already present. Know that you have created this opportunity of expansion because somewhere deep down, perhaps at an unconscious level, you feel it is time to be genuinely happy. Deep down you want a life worth living, and a soul filled with trust, love, enthusiasm, peace and wonder.

Release your deep-rooted fears, and trust that you have the inner wisdom and strength to create more abundance than you could have ever imagined! Try to envision and feel the release of mediocrity, and feel the joy and satisfaction of this expansive shift.

If all you can feel is the heaviness of fear, doubt and worry, realize that the amount of heaviness you experience will be equal to the joy and lightness you’ll feel once you open up to the expansive energy that is available.

Ask for forgiveness for any past transgressions that may have been weighing you down, and ask to be free of any thoughts that may be limiting your potential. Honor your worthiness.

The hard crust of your fears, worries, doubts and your unfulfilling past will loosen, and you will emerge from the soil to feel the sun as it warms your body, heart and soul!

You’ve received this card to let you know that the depths of your soul are bringing about this great expansion so open up and expand to a new level of vision, creativity, love, inner power and glory!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Card for Friday, September 12, 2014

First off.. I have to wish my mother a happy birthday.. I hope she likes the flowers we got her..

Meaninglessness is a state that isn’t talked about much in our society, yet it is a dreadful and common experience for many. Meaninglessness is being in a struggle with life and being here on earth. The questions: ‘What are we doing here?’ – ‘What's life all about?’ – ‘What's the point?’ – and - ‘Why am I living?’......those questions can be disparaging when you think you need the answers. And sometimes those questions actually create our state of meaninglessness because we think having an answer to those questions will bring us meaning and happiness.

Meaninglessness may be the worst state to be in. You aren’t faced with a challenge to meet or even depression to overcome. You aren’t sad, confused or lost. Meaninglessness differs from depression, in that it is more about having a spiritual crisis, rather than not caring about anything. Depression is having thoughts like, ‘it doesn’t matter what I do or how I think, life isn’t worth it’. Meaninglessness is a place of dwelling on thoughts like, “why should I even care if I care? And even if I do care, what is the point? What’s it all for anyway”. It isn’t about giving up, because you feel that even dying won’t offer any relief.

Experiencing meaninglessness can happen because part of what has given your life meaning has died and you are now disappointed with life. This place you are in, is now an empty place where you return to the bigger picture of, “what’s this ‘living business’ all about anyway?” And by contemplating these kinds of questions and thinking that life has no meaning, you don’t have to move forward, you don’t have to engage in life, and you never have to be disappointed in living again.

Yet the experience of meaninglessness can be helpful. You can contemplate on seeing the ‘bigger picture of your life’ as you think about where you’ve been, why you choose what you’ve experienced, and what has made your life worthwhile. These questions are important to reflect on occasionally so you can adjust and improve your life. But being in a place of meaninglessness is thinking that even those questions are pointless. Meaninglessness is getting ‘hung up’ on meaninglessness.

This place of meaninglessness can be a great opportunity for you. This state is often experienced right before a major life breakthrough. Meaninglessness can be one of the places where you make some of your greatest moves forward emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, or in your physical life.

There are ways to move out of this realm of meaninglessness, and reconnect with yourself and with life again.

You could:
  • step through the meaninglessness by asking divine light to move you out of this state,
  • take time in quiet to contemplate what has given your life meaning in the past, and ask what will give it meaning again,
  • try doing energy work like Reiki or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), do a vision quest, etc.
  • discuss and come to understand what the ‘disappointment’ was that might have caused your state of meaninglessness, and learn more about what your soul’s true needs and longings are.
  • take your focus off your state by offering help to others. Experiment with things outside your comfort zone: go on a volunteer vacation - or try building homes with an organization like Habitat for Humanity.
(Of course you may be in so much meaninglessness that you tell yourself that even these acts are meaningless!)   You now have the choice to stay in this realm or move into life again!  It is really a mind and energy shift…if you need or want it..

I know it seems like a really bleak card, but you have to look at it as a stepping stone for what's to come.  It's time to take a look at your whole picture and make more of  yourself.  Things are coming -- just have to clear out the junk to get it here.