Friday, November 21, 2014

Cards for Friday, Saturday & Sunday November 21-23, 2014

“Page of Fire” - SITUATIONS: An exciting new opportunity comes your way! The angels guide you to whole-heartedly embrace this new endeavor. It may seem like a challenge, but it’s one you’re ready for. Dazzle people with your originality and ingenuity! PEOPLE: A youth who’s outgoing, creative, and passionate about life. Someone who enthusiastically seeks out new experiences and can make things happen.

“World Energy” - Agapanthus: The earth is going through a transition of energy, and your sensitive body is feeling it. You’re not alone; accept the help of others.

 “Trust” - In response to your question, the Romance Angels ask you to trust that everything is exactly as it needs to be. Do not add fear to the situation, which will only create drama and negativity. Instead, the angels ask you to release your worries to them.

Interesting cards for this weekend.  I would have spaced them out and done a card for each day, but my weekends are never usually clear enough to get online to do the cards - especially now trying to get ready for the holiday.

So I like to think these cards all work together.  There's new energy in the air and it's affecting us .. all of us and sometimes the electronics.  But this energy is changing things and that's a good thing.  May not seem like it at the time, but it is.  There is going to be a new opportunity coming up for you and even though it may look challenging, this card is telling you to go for it.  It's also telling you to ask for help and know that help is there.  Help may not have been there before, but to trust that it will be this time.

My sister and I were discussing this new energy.  We both have been finding it a bit more difficult to ground and shield.  Extra effort has been needed.  I have found spending a little more time in nature has helped me.  Mainly because it's the earth's energy that is shifting and being connected to the earth - even for a short amount of time is helping me become one with the energy again.

So take a moment out of your weekend and believe in miracles :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Card for Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Mystical Intervention is coming into your life to help you move forward with grace and ease.

There is an innate mechanism within you which has the desire for every living thing to evolve into the best it can be. When it is time to expand or make a shift in awareness, this mechanism triggers an ‘Intervention’ in order for you to live the best life possible. An intervention can be a feeling, a thought, an idea, an experience, or moments of synchronicity or unusual coincidences. An intervention awakens your innate desire for you to reach your full potential. Your ‘Mystic’ is the divine energy in your soul and in the cosmos that connects everything. The Mystic and an Intervention work together to ignite the desire for change and to create opportunities that enable you to evolve. The old biblical saying, ‘God helps those who help themselves’, is similar to, ‘you (your inner mechanisms that create an intervention) and the mystic working together’.

When your inner mechanisms for growth are not currently ‘updated with new parts’, (i.e.; therapy, personal growth workshops, play, meditation, living your purpose, new understandings and perspectives etc…), your means of ‘intervention’ will typically be a force in your life that is difficult, harsh or damaging. Relationship break ups are devastating, work is hard, accidents and illnesses occur – these difficult things happen in order for your need to wake up so you can reach your full potential. All these difficulties are really only your ‘outdated’ mechanics ‘intervening’ to make you change your life for the better.

Aren’t you tired of all the struggles and pain? Begin by updating your inner mechanisms and welcome the divine mystic energy. Welcome a gentle loving mystical intervention, and let it show you the way. Start by listening to your feelings and your soul’s longings, and being alert to the synchronicities that point you in the right direction. This will help lead you to deeper insights, truth, true happiness, success, peace, love and miracles. When you realize you are connected with the Mystic, and you take action to update your mechanisms for growth, you will move forward at an accelerated pace. This energy can accomplish things overnight that would have taken months or years. As you start tapping into the mystic as a way of life, things will begin to move forward with ease and elegance. You will no longer have the stress of trying to figure out how to make your dreams come true because you are connected with the Mystic that communes with all that exists. This divine energy will allow you to rest, and make your path easy and smooth. The Mystic is lining things up so that you are magically inspired on what step to take next in your life. These steps will lead you towards the dreams of your heart and soul!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Card for Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Whatever has been consuming your time and energy is coming to an end, and a whole new level of success has, or is about to come into your life. Because of your willingness to accept the recent challenges of life, you can start celebrating your success!

Your success is also a gift for others - for when you succeed you light up the ‘path of inspiration’ so others can follow.

Success isn’t just about accomplishing something; it’s also your attitude in how you view yourself and your life. Success is viewing yourself in a positive way no matter what the outcome of your plans or goals. It is celebrating the risks you took, and the striving and the efforts you made. Success, in part, is knowing that - all that you are and all that you do - is always enough.

Life is full of endings and new beginnings, and we can sometimes feel sad or empty when things come to completion. Give yourself time and space to release these feelings and replace them with the wonder and enthusiasm of what’s to come.

If you have just accomplished something, it is time to reap the reward! Too often when we reach our goal or task we brush by the celebration because there is always the next thing on our list to accomplish. Take the time to rest a bit and enjoy your success. Really acknowledge your success. Treat yourself in some special way - celebrate and share it with others!

Yet remember not to rest on your laurels too long, this is not your final destination. The journey isn't over yet. There are worlds upon worlds still waiting to be explored!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Card for Monday, November 17, 2014

Carefree is living life as it was meant to be… easy, carefree and playful!

It is time to put away your problems for a while. Enjoy life and have some fun! Drop your ‘self-importance’, and end your need to take things so seriously. Humor and playfulness will release you from the heaviness of your situation.

Celebrate the joy of being alive! Open your arms to welcome the youthful energy that is filled with wonder, joy and curiosity. Open yourself to the fun that feeds your soul. Let it revive and refresh you!

Relax your mind, body and soul. Smile, and see the humor in your situation. Rise above the issue that has been weighing you down, and imagine yourself flying free in the open sky above.

Imagine if millions of people around the world were laughing, singing, creating, loving, celebrating, dancing and playing. There wouldn’t be time for problems, hurt, revenge, resentments or worry… if we all participated!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Card for Friday, November 14, 2014

Your Card - “You Are Healed” - Calendula/Pot Marigold: The healing you’ve prayed for is on its way.

Interesting that this card came up today.  Because I had an interesting experience last night driving home.  It took awhile due to the weather.  So I've been working on trying to heal me not being able to receive.  I'm a great giver, but it's often said those that give a lot are terrible in receiving.  For me, that's true.  So I was driving and all of a sudden I was in the Akashic Records.  I was asking how could I let go of old issues, past life issues etc, and I got lead to the healing chamber.  I was able to heal and let go, cut cords etc not only for myself but for my sister as well.  She even commented later that she felt this burst of energy that made her feel good and didn't know why (until I told her).

How many of you are holding grudges?  Did you know holding those grudges hurt you?  What about feeling guilty for something?  All those "bad" emotions keep you in that moment and you relive it over and over.  It's time to let go and let God.  So you made a mistake.  We all do.  Don't wallow in that negativity, learn from it, forgive yourself and move on.  Same with the grudges, let go of them, forgive the person and move on.  How you move on is up to you as long as you truly forgive and heal from those negative emotions.

If you are still having issues with the healing, this card is telling you that someone will be coming into  your life that will help you through this process.   The healing will be within at the soul level which will strengthen you from the inside out.  Which is a good thing.  It will give you the core needed to move on and be happy and happier in your life.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Card for Thursday, November 13, 2014

Your Card - “You Are Lovable” - Camellia: Love who you are, as you’re created perfectly. Everything about your true self is beautiful.

Interesting that this card came up today.  I have been working on this as well as helping others with this message.

What is that message you ask?  Well it's all about loving yourself.  Too often we are "ok" with ourselves and then get involved with someone who turns out to be the wrong person.  Can I get an Amen? LOL  Or worse, you change for them.  Into something  you don't like and don't know.  Or you try and change that other person to "fit" you.

The truth of the matter is we have to be happy with us and who we are before anyone else can be. 

You've probably heard the term, quick looking for love and it'll find you?  Well it truly works.  And love can mean not only a "relationship" type love, but also new friends that fill your life with joy and eventually become your support system.  So be true to who you are and be happy with your own company.  You'll then draw all the people you need into your life.

I love the colors int his card, all the shades of pink.. which to me represent the various components of love.  Along with yellow which is happiness.  And isn't that the goal for most people?  Would you just love to wake up with joy in your heart and be that way most days? Or even every day?

Now a good way to start working on loving yourself is stand in a mirror look at yourself and don't self-criticize like you usually do, see what is good and loving about you.  And then say to yourself.. I love "That" about me.  It is a great feature to have.  Then say something as to why that's a great feature.

For example, I LOVE my eyes.  I think they are one of my best features.  They are truly the window to my soul and my soul is lovely and everyone is drawn to it through my eyes.  I am happy with my eyes and wouldn't change anything about them.

Know that you are worth loving... YOU.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Card for Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Your Card - “Ten of Gabriel” - It’s important to live a balanced life! Your determination and sheer will to accomplish the task before you is very admirable, but it’s taking a large toll on you. Ask for help from others. Delegate responsibility to those who can do a good job. Reduce stress for the sake of protecting your health.

Been working hard lately?  Trying to get many things done in a little amount of time?  I know we're getting into the holiday season and things always seem to rush at you trying to get things done.  But it's OK to ask for help.  In fact drawing this card the angels are suggesting you do it.  You are doing too much.  It's OK to ask for help, it's OK to take a break.  If you continue on this path there will be nothing left.  I know from experience that the body will take drastic measures to make sure you slow down.  Like making you sick -- it is that time of season as well. 

I know I have been trying to do a lot and I know that I feel completely drained.  Usually being tired, I still have this well that I can draw from.  Lately that well is DRY.  That's a good indication that it's time to take time for you.  Replenish that well, in what ever way you can.

This card is also about trying to please others.  Take it from someone who knows, that never works out.  The only person you should worry about pleasing is you.  Once you're happy you can deal with all that other stuff and people.  Never please anyone that compromises you.  It's a hard habit to break if you keep doing it.  Be helpful and happy toward others, but don't ever compromise YOU.