Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Card for Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The card Release has come to you because you are holding on, and now it’s time to release!
There are many things we can be holding on to such as; a job, a person, an expectation, stress, an opinion or belief, dwelling on a happy experience from the past, anger, disappointment, resentments, guilt, …or your idea of how life should be.

The things that you are holding onto are not serving the higher good any longer. ‘Holding on’ is likely creating disappointment or frustration in yourself or others because you are living in the past or the future. You are not experiencing what is present and real in your life, and in your heart, right now. …and you are possibly not open to a future that is even better than the one you are imagining.

Lasting happiness won’t be experienced by having demands, unrealistic expectations or a fixed idea of what kind of package your happiness will arrive in. There may be little fulfillment if you cling or demand that your life return to the way it was. It is likely that the past didn’t even really fully satisfy you, but wanting to relive it seems better than moving forward and taking a chance on a new adventure or a new perspective.

Letting go of the ‘bigger’ things can be a challenge. There is a tendency (if not an obsessive collective desire) to go through a mourning process when someone or something is no longer there, but it is possible to let go of these feelings and replace them with light and happiness. Yet be aware that you cannot force yourself to let go, for your heart knows when it’s time to release. And remember that when enough time passes, we find that everything we once felt extremely attached to no longer has such a powerful hold over us. Also, know that you cannot lose what truly belongs to you.

An additional way to release yourself and move forward is to focus on others. Offer any assistance to those who may be experiencing greater challenges than you. Releasing your uncomfortable feelings and helping others is much better than avoiding it, denying it or trying to tough it out.

Releasing allows new opportunities and experiences to appear in your life. It's time to accept that ‘what was’ is over - for now at least. Any effort to stay in the past or trying to repeat it is possibly a way to stay stuck in ‘ill fitting’ clothes and situations that you have already outgrown. Perhaps it is time to try on something new and fresh. Be open to a different perspective, to the unexpected, and to new adventures! Choosing to release allows your life to unfold and grow to new heights and depths. Let go and trust in yourself and in the natural unfolding of life. Releasing will signal the creative force to open another door - it is time for you to go through it. Let go of your simple plan and follow your higher self’s greater plan. There you will find true happiness and success for everyone. Take a deep breath, put away the past and turn towards the sparkling glass of blessings in front of you!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Card for Monday, July 28, 2014

Pushing others away is a coping and safety mechanism that is meant to protect when the development of dependence and awareness is in a stage of infancy.

Pushing others away maybe caused from unfulfilled needs such as belonging, security, love, trust, freedom or happiness. There is a need for these things, but the fear of not getting them met, or by not realizing they even exist, keeps these needs hidden from view. The fulfillment comes when the courage is found to look into the mirror and accept what needs to be filled.

One way to keep hidden is with an armor of independence. A role of independence is created to avoid the fear of love, belonging, trust etc. People who act independent are cut off from their true self, their needs, and their feelings. They push others away because they are either not ready to develop healthy attachment and connection to others (and to their own heart and soul), or they don’t know these things even exist.

Because their dependence or awareness isn’t fully developed and they are acting independent, they also tend to secretly expect too much from others and from themselves. When their secret expectations are not met, they will avoid people or situations, either physically or emotionally, as their way of coping with challenges. Rather than asking for and receiving help or extending and sharing themselves, they withhold, reject and dismiss. (Not only with others, but with themselves as well). If they continue to resist their needs and the growth of dependence, they will often end up being isolated and alone.

Another key aspect of resisting needs and dependence is the way one becomes competitive. Their belief is that ‘if the job is going to be done right, it has to be done by me’. They feel that they are better than others, and that no one is ever good enough. They resist help, and rely only on themselves which leads to being alone again. Competition is a way to avoiding true connections; it puts all the emphasis on being right or winning. This can be very damaging in a relationship. Competition can also be used as a distraction from moving forward in their current situation or life.

The card Pushing Away has been drawn so you can look at how your resistance to receive and depend on others is creating the situation or problem you have at hand. Be willing to develop dependence and acknowledge your needs. Respond to your feelings and needs so that you can also accept and respond to the feelings and needs in others without pushing others away or avoiding them.

By acknowledging your needs you will be able to allow the development of healthy dependence and reliance along with the fulfillment of love, trust, attachment, security, freedom and happiness that your soul needs. With this, competition and deadness in yourself and in your relationships will begin to fall away, and you will move into the richness of life that comes with intimacy and connection…with yourself and with others!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Cards for Friday, Saturday, Sunday - July 25th-27th, 2014

Friday's Card: “King of Earth” - SITUATIONS: This is a successful time. Your current projects will go well. You may be promoted or offered a higher salary. Your talents and skills will bring rewards for you and others. Accept the opportunities offered you and have confidence that you’ll succeed! PEOPLE: Someone with outstanding business skills who is good with money and can provide excellent advice. A person who has been successful in a career and now enjoys the finer things in life.

Saturday's Card: “Queen of Water” - SITUATIONS: Emotional issues, or relationships with others, evolve to a new level. Even if things aren’t perfect, there’s a sense of peace and calm within you, and you intuitively know what to do next. Your feelings for—and insights about—others can be trusted. Make sure that as you nurture those around you, you don’t forget to also care for yourself. PEOPLE: A person of deep but mature emotions, able to sense what others need and lovingly provide it. An intuitive or psychic person who trusts his or her perceptions and uses them to navigate the physical world successfully.

Sunday's Card: “Queen of Earth” - SITUATIONS: Remember to enjoy time with other people. You have much to give, whether to family, friends, or those less fortunate. Handle any challenges with understanding and warmth, but also with confidence and resourcefulness. PEOPLE: Someone who cares about others and is quick to lend a hand. A person who’s warm, creative, intelligent, and able to efficiently solve problems.

Well can I say WOW, many big and bold cards for the weekend, and yes I consider Friday the start to the weekend :D

So Friday's card is about good news going on with you and something you're working on.  You will be rewarded (don't think monetary here - though it could be) but it's more about being praised for something  you did.  For me it's a matter of I've been training all week and I already know from some that I've been doing a good job because things were now making sense to them.  It's always a good thing as a trainer to hear that kind of feedback.  I still have to finish training today, but I think things will turn out alright :)

Saturdays' card is about being intuitive and at peace.  Listen to that inner guidance.  I know I have been so stressed lately about a multitude of things, but I have a massage scheduled, so hopefully I can regain some of my peace again.  It's also all about emotions and that they are flowing a little easier.

Sunday's card is about enjoying yourself around others.  Be kind to them and yourself and learn to help where you can.

Now each of these cards are about situations but they can also be about people around you.  Keep an eye open and enjoy this nice wonderful weekend that we're about to have.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Card for Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Your card - “Nine of Michael” - Your worry is unnecessary! The worst-case scenarios you’re playing over and over in your mind are unlikely to come true. Free yourself from this form of self-punishment by turning to the power of positive thinking.

Boy could this card come for me in not a better time.  Been hurting, been tired, feeling pretty down and stressed.  So looking at this card honestly reminds me of Harry Potter.  He was always so positive no matter what was going on in his life.  And if he wasn't, he had those around him that kept him grounded and telling him he could make it.

So if  you're in that bad place, find someone or something else that can stop the madness!  LOL.. seriously though you should find something that can help you change your feelings.  Negative ones keep giving you issues.  Positive ones .. keep you happy and bring good things to you.

I did that today by listening to the song "Happy".  But even doing that, my mind kept going to Weird Al's parody of that song.. "Tacky".  Jack Black is in there and you can just tell he's loving life.  He doesn't let his ego get in the way -- he just goes for it every single time.  So why can't we?  What is holding us back from just letting go?   Maybe it's time to figure that out and then figure a way to put it to rest so we can really start living the life we want, not react to it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Card for Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Your card - “Ten of Ariel” - Now you have it all! There is so very much to be grateful for! You’ve been financially successful and no longer worry about money. There is a richness to living, and it’s all because of how diligently you’ve worked to get where you are.

I didn't post anything yesterday for two reasons.  One, I was very very busy at work and two, it was a carryover from Friday and the weekend -- The Star :)

Today's card is all about gratitude.  Time to be grateful for all those wonderful things you ALREADY have.  Why is that?  Because the more grateful  you are (and not yearning for other stuff) that energy is then attracting more good things in your life.

Be happy for a moment and look in your life and see what great things you have and have accomplished and then embrace them and be grateful.  Doesn't this picture just bring you such happiness?  Kids are playing, two women are having a drink at a cafe which looks like it's in paris.  They're all taking a moment to find that joy.  Why don't you...?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Card for Friday, July 18, 2014

Your Card -  “The Star” - Now is the time to have great faith and hope! This star shines in the heavens as inspiration and as an affirmative sign to you that your plans can be viewed with enthusiasm and confidence. Archangel Jophiel can help you see how beautiful this moment in your life is. Feel inspired to make long-term plans and know that you’ll be successful!

Nice card to end the week with, although I feel like it carries through the weekend.  All week the energies that have been really powerful and bringing up things we may not want to see or address are waning and now it's time to start forward with very positive energy.  Addressing or getting things out in the open can only benefit us in the long run.  This card shows that work you've been doing has been noticed and now it's time for you to see how great this is for you as well.

Every time I see this card, I think of the horoscope sign of Aquarius -- Age of Aquarius anyone?  Beautiful time, expansion of thoughts and ideas and because an beautiful angel is involved, bring us hope and faith that everything will work out.  So get inspired, finish a project that you've been meaning to and know that your life is starting to be on the right path!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Card for Thusday, July 17, 2014

Your Card - “Divine Guidance” - There is no need to be alone! There are amazing people around you from whom you would gain great strength and support. Seek out those who are like-minded and who share your beliefs and ideals. Archangel Sandalphon can help you find the meaning you’re seeking in your life.

This is such a great card to get.  I was going to post another blog post yesterday, but never got the chance to do it, so I'll include my thoughts here as it ties in with the card.  The moon this past weekend actual I felt the energy touching me like a week before.  This moon's energy was different than past moons.  This one was one to work on bringing things to a surface.  This means possessions, people, things you didn't want to address.  I felt like it was shining a light into things that may have been hidden ..even from myself.  Energy was overflowing from me.. thus making me that much more tired.  I'm just now finding the energy receding.  But what it did was bring up a lot of unanswered questions.

So this card is telling us to go and find the answers and/support that we need.  This can be like minded folks that you will have a kinship with .. this could be meditating and finding your answers from your higher self, it could even be asking for assistance by the angels/God to show you the signs to the answers.

Now I need to warn you about that.  Often the answers you're looking for (or think you're looking for) are not the answers that come to you. Usually.  They could surprise me and it could be the one thing you're looking for, but it has been my experience that's not the case.  But what you do have to remember is that what is coming to you is the best for you .. though you may not see it at that time.  I'll use the death of my daughter as an example.  I couldn't believe God had sent me another child that had serious health issues after having one that had some and then a miscarriage.  But it was also in that time that I found my spirituality.  I know a lot of people who thought I was very strong for holding up as well as I did after her death.  But I had not quite 9 months of her inside me where I found my spirituality and peace as to what probably was going to happen.

Then of course, I found out not 4 months later that we were expecting twins.... but that's another story.

So take the time out for you.  Get quiet and actually listen.  For me, I found the song Happy..


This should be my "song"... cuz I do try and be happy most times ...