Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Card for Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fear is an emotion. Fear can alert us to the presence of danger, or we can feel fear when we image that something bad may happen. A response to fear is sometimes known as the “fight or flight” response, in which the body prepares itself to either enter combat or run away, yet another typical reaction, is to freeze in our tracks and do nothing. These responses can be necessary, but they can also be the result of thoughts that are not based on reality. In order to choose how to appropriately respond or re-‘act’ when we are feeling fear is to first decipher if the fear is real or imagined.

An example of the possibility of our fear being imagined is when we remember an experience from the past that was ‘bad’, and although it is extremely unlikely to reoccur, we imagine it happening again. Our fear is from the past, but it is projected onto the present or future. This may be a way of learning from our experiences, but it also may only be an unnecessary precaution if the ‘bad’ event is unlikely to occur. We need to decide if the fear is reasonable and logical or if it is unfounded and irrational.

If you decide that your fear is imagined, you can dissolve it by bringing loving and positive thoughts into the situation. Or you can fully surrender to the fear, letting it run freely - right through you - until it is gone, leaving you with feelings of love, trust, joy, faith or peace.

If fear isn’t just imagined, it means we can use fear to help protect and advise us. Fear makes us aware of situations and things that could harm us, and it helps us to avoid painful or stressful experiences. Fear can also prevent us from making hasty decisions. We can be thankful for what fear has come to do, and to let it be a guiding friend in our lives.

The card Fear is asking you to understand or intuitively feel if fear is holding you back from success and happiness, or if fear has come to keep you safe. Until you reach full spiritual, emotional and intellectual mastery, fear will either be a hindrance, a necessary guide, or an internal radar to keep you from harm. Know that the more you mature (the more you grow and evolve) the less fear you will experience!

I do find it funny that the month that has Halloween the very first day I pull the fear card ;)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Card for Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Carefree is living life as it was meant to be… easy, carefree and playful!

It is time to put away your problems for a while. Enjoy life and have some fun! Drop your ‘self-importance’, and end your need to take things so seriously. Humor and playfulness will release you from the heaviness of your situation.

Celebrate the joy of being alive! Open your arms to welcome the youthful energy that is filled with wonder, joy and curiosity. Open yourself to the fun that feeds your soul. Let it revive and refresh you!

Relax your mind, body and soul. Smile, and see the humor in your situation. Rise above the issue that has been weighing you down, and imagine yourself flying free in the open sky above.

Imagine if millions of people around the world were laughing, singing, creating, loving, celebrating, dancing and playing. There wouldn’t be time for problems, hurt, revenge, resentments or worry… if we all participated!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Card for Monday, September 29, 2014

You have received the card Holding On, which means you need one of three things, (and often it includes at least two.)

‘Holding On’ is your unconscious way of creating space to focus on other parts of your life’s purpose or your other needs and desires.

You need to be on your own, and/or with a different mate.

You need a rest, and to be taken care of.

First: Is something or someone in your life ending, pulling away or leaving? This maybe happening because you have an unconscious need to do other things, and holding on to a person or a situation is a strategy that creates space so you can focus on other areas of your life. Consider if you are truly living your own life purpose and fulfilling your soul’s longings. Perhaps you need to spend more time on projects or with your children.

Maybe you have created more time for yourself with your insistent need for connection and things to remain the same? Realize that this insistence is actually your soul’s insistence to expand to newer or higher ground. Know that in the future, as you mature and become more aware of your true desires, you will have the ability to create space without pushing others away or having situations dissolve unexpectedly or without your consent.

Second: Perhaps you or your mate are ‘holding on’, which is causing the other to withdraw, and this is happening because you need to be on our own or with a different mate. Ask yourself if your mate is still truly adding richness to your life…and… if you are still adding richness to theirs? Perhaps it is really in everyone’s best interest to be moving on or alone for awhile. Maybe ‘holding on’ is possibly creating time for you to be alone, and/or providing an opportunity for you to find a new mate. Know that ‘holding on’ is a perfect strategy at this time to create time away from the other person. Know that in the future you or they will have the self-awareness that a new mate is needed and the integrity and strength to be alone, whether it’s for a day, a month or years.

Third; You need rest, and you have a deep need to feel safe, secure or to be taken care of. Again you are holding on tight, and you think that the only way to meet this need is by being demanding and clinging, either to a situation or person. If you need this from a person, be responsible and mature by requesting (not expecting) your partner or friend to temporarily let you rest and be taken care of. If they are unwilling or unable, take time out to rest and take care of yourself. If you need safety and security from a job, home or situation, find reasonable and appropriate ways to create this. Again, asking for help when necessary.

You have received this card to remind yourself to explore your needs and the benefits of ‘Holding On’. Know that your strategy of holding on is perfect at this time to invite; a time for security or rest, a richer life, a higher level of love, time alone or a new friend or partner in your life. Also know that as you grow, you will fill your needs in more mature and loving ways without the need to hold on.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Card for Friday - Sunday, September 26-28, 2014

Your Card - “Butterfly Maiden” - You are experiencing enormous change right now, which brings great blessings.

If you think about butterflies and what it takes for them to change into them, it's quite the process and undertaking.  But no one can say the change isn't beautiful.

So we've pulled this card because we're going through our own transformations and more than likely it's painful to go through.  Change for a lot of people is hard to go through.  As humans we get comfortable in a certain situation and when change comes along it startles us.  Not all change is bad though, as people we need to evolve along the way.. growing pains I think they used to call it for the physical changes we went through growing up from a child to an adult.

If you've been working toward bringing things into your life you have to let go of other things that no longer suit you.  Celebrate this change make way for all things good that you've been asking for and don't fear the change that comes with it.

Remember the giddiness of getting something new and revel in it :)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Card for Thursday, September 25, 2014

It is time to explore the inner secret passages of your heart and soul. The card Listening Within is a call to invite the wisdom of your heart to speak to you. The language of the heart is a cosmic voice that connects everyone and everything together.

Listening within is about being connected to Source and the Natural World. Source, or some call it God or the Divine, is the ultimate, pure energy that is within each of us. It is formless, yet it is all. It is a tremendous energy that transforms into the Natural World as light, love, compassion, creativity…it is energy that can transform into anything. Listen to your inner wisdom or intuition. The messages you hear are callings or whispers from your soul that are connected to the Natural World and to the Divine.

There can be times when life presents countless options and limitless information, which make path choices very challenging. With all the information to sort through, you need to be able to hear your divine truth. In order to hear, you only need to trust that you have within you the ability to know your inner truth. You can begin with the intent to open the doors of inner wisdom, truth and light. Next, relax and take a few deep breaths. Become aware of the connection between the divine natural force and your soul. Connect to your heart by moving your awareness down into your chest, and contact your own inner source of loving wisdom. Focus your attention on the sensations in your chest, and feel the warmth and expansive energy that will bring a higher love and light to your situation.

When you listen within, truth may call you to re-evaluate your life and change what needs to be changed on the outside, or on the inside. Change can be wonderful but it can also scary or uncomfortable. In order to remain at ease, break the steps down into comfortable pieces so you can make the changes that your inner wisdom and your soul are longing for.

True divine messages from within are ones that create happiness that’s in everyone’s best interest. You will usually feel a calm certainty or a calm enthusiasm when you hear messages of your personal truth.

If no answer is coming to you, take comfort in knowing that the answer will be revealed when the time is right. Until then, hold your decisions lightly until you feel your inner wisdom emerging. Inner wisdom or intuition is an immersion of the soul into the natural world. This wisdom is based on the natural rhythms and cycles of the natural world, and as in nature, everything has its own timing.

When you commune with the divine inside, you save time and you increase your effectiveness. As you learn to ‘hear’ the quiet whispers of your soul, your life will unfold with grace and joy, and fulfillment will be your constant companion!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Card for Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Values are personally held beliefs, principles or qualities that are important to us. They are part of what guides our behaviors and our decisions. Our values influence our choice of friends, employment and the activities we pursue.

There is no right or wrong set of personal values, though there are cultural and society norms embracing certain values as correct. As adults, we can give thoughtful reflection to see if our values are a true reflection who we are, and we can take note if our values are in alignment with our actions and lifestyle. As a result of discernment and life experiences we may discard some values and add others.

Discover what you value most.
The following list of values will help you identify and clarify your own personal values and help you to consciously live a value-based life.

From this list, select 15 qualities and 15 elements of life that are most important to you. Feel free to add any values of your own to this list.

Abundance    Acceptance    Accomplishment    Accountability     Adventure    Affection

Ambition    Appreciation   Authenticity     Awareness   Balance    Beliefs    Belonging

Career    Challenges   Change    Choice   Clarity   Comfort   Commitment  Communication   

Community   Confidence  Conviction   Cooperation    Compassion   Courage  Creativity

Competence   Competition   Democracy   Dependable   Direction   Disciplined   Dreams

Education   Empathy   Entertainment   Enthusiasm   Environment   Ethics   Excellence

Excitement   Exhilaration   Exploration   Faith   Fame   Family   Flexibility 

Financial  Security    Focus    Forgiveness   Friendships   Freedom   Fun   Gratitude

Giving/Helping   Growth   Happiness    Harmony    Heroism    Humor   Health    Honesty

Imagination    Independence    Influencing   Others    Ingenuity   Inner Harmony   Insight

Inspiration    Integrity    Intellect    Intimacy   Involvement    Joy   Kindness   Knowledge

Leadership   Listening   Loyalty   Love   Maturity   Mastery   Mindfulness    Money

Nature   Openness    Optimism    Order   Passion    Patience   Peace   Persistence   Playfulness

Pleasure   Power   Privacy   Prosperity    Purpose    Recognition    Reason    Reflection

Relationships   Relaxation   Religion   Reputation   Responsibility   Resourcefulness

Safety   Security   Self-worth   Serenity   Service   Solitude   Sanctuary   Spirituality   Stability

Status   Success   Truth   Trust   Understanding   Values    Variety    Virtues    Volunteering

Warmth   Wealth    Where   You Live   Wisdom   Wonder

Now that you have 15 qualities and 15 elements of life, imagine that you are only permitted to have 7 of each. Which ones would you give up? Cross them off. This exercise will help you to define what is most important to you.

Clarifying and integrating your values into daily life will bring meaning, purpose, integrity and direction…and it will enable you to fulfill your dreams!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Card for Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Giving is not the root of happiness.
It is the fruit…the fruition of heaven on earth!

When we share our innate gifts, our love, our joy and our laughter with a pure heart, we find that our own hearts and lives are abundantly filled.

When we experience times of trouble, doubt, weakness or fear; giving to others who are in greater need or pain can be the solution. Ask yourself which person needs your help, and give of yourself. Be open to divine inspiration so you will know what is required from you in words or action. Support anyone who comes to mind, or even just send them your love. Make the other person more important than your own troubles. In doing so, you help yourself as well. With a genuine desire to help, you both will move forward in your lives.

Note: In giving to others, be mindful that you are giving ‘purely’. Giving purely means that there are no expectations in your mind of how your gift is received, how it is used, or any expectations for reciprocation. Also be mindful to receive purely as well. Receive with appreciation, without pressure of reciprocation, and without worrying about the expectations of others. Without the ability to receive purely, true giving cannot happen.

Words of mindful care:
At times, everyone needs help or support - yet we don't always know the most beneficial ways to give it. Be mindful. Find out what the other person’s needs really are before you offer help. And take into consideration that we only truly help others by doing things that they can’t do for themselves. In helping; do what you can to find the key to motivate others to help themselves…… then you can fill in the gaps where it’s needed.If you feel drained in the process of giving help or support, check your boundaries. You may need to take time out to deal with an issue of your own that is coming up in order to regain your resourcefulness. If so, say something like, "I have to take some time out now to care for myself, so I can help you better. I really care about you, and I will return in a little while.”

Doing things for others that they can really do for themselves is also a way of staying connected by enabling the other to remain dependent, weak and small. The ‘doing for others’ is because we have a secret fear that if they become stronger, they will no longer need us. Yet at some level we really know we are mainly just needed and not truly loved. We may also fear that if the other person got better it would mean that we have nothing left to do or give….it means we would then have to focus on our own lives, and take steps to move forward. Untrue helping can be an avoidance of the more difficult task of looking inside at one's own needs, and dealing with issues in our lives that requires attention. In our ‘giving’ we actually use others either as a way to avoid the fear of investing in our own goals, dreams or purpose…or we give to avoid any painful feelings we may have. Anyone who is being an untrue helper or giving in extreme sacrifice is either afraid of their feelings, of intimacy, of having an equal relationship… or afraid of taking the next step forward in their life.

Also, be careful not to over burden yourself with the degree of responsibility that you assume. You are not the only person who is good at taking care of things; even if you would like it to be that way in order win favors, to be indispensable, or to be loved and respected.Zen philosophy states – “Offer nothing – just share what you have with those who express an interest in it.” - Hidden benefit: It takes the pressure off of wanting other people to see you as valuable or important.
Giving doesn’t mean total sacrifice of your energy, values or beliefs. Unhealthy sacrifice is about the belief that we have to fill the tasks or roles of others. With healthy sacrifice, people give up things in life for the common good of the project or relationship. It makes us feel good to do so. But….it can also make us feel bad if we stop giving to ourselves, and forgo our own values, beliefs and energy.


We can’t increase the number of happy people in the world by sacrificing our own happiness in the process.Promise nothing to others – just do what you most enjoy doing….in this way, you will always over deliver!

Your own personal happiness is one of the greatest gifts you can to give to others, and to the world. From this place, you shine so bright that it naturally leads others out of the dark, and you will naturally become a part of a loving, happy and abundant world!